It’s Never Good when the Phone Rings at 3 AM

Of course I was very annoyed when my phone woke me up in the middle of the night. When I saw that it was my boss I was really confused. He was not completely coherent, but I eventually realized that he needed a bail bond agency and a Sacramento criminal attorney. That was just the start of it for me. I got up out of bed and went on the way. It surprised me how easy it was to find someone to post bail for him, but the hard part was the fact that he was trying to keep it all from his wife. Once I realized what was going on I understood why he was so eager to keep her out of the loop. I sort of guessed that he was running around on his wife, but it turned out that the girl he was running around with had been cheating on her girlfriend too. Of course I told him that this was going to make the papers, it was the sort of story that gets picked up by the wire service.

They only got him for being drunk and disorderly. It was lucky for him they could not prove that he had just gotten out of his car in front of the girl’s apartment. That was where the other girl took a Louisville Slugger to his brand new Mercedes Benz, one of the 500 series and a beautiful car. I saw it in the impound lot, she was apparently pretty good with a baseball bat. She broke every piece of glass on that car and the side view mirrors were nowhere to be seen, She had busted both headlights and most of the other signal lights. Some way she had managed to bust the grill on that car too.